Kata.Games use AQUA, LUDO & Stellar Lumens token
In order for each user to use the platform in the best possible way, Kata.Games uses AQUA, LUDO & Stellar Lumens (XLM) tokens, which are registered on the Stellar blockchain.

Why using cryptocurrencies?

The use of Stellar Blockchain is the key to achieve our long-term vision. For targeted customers, the value offered by our innovative approach comes from : (1) a greater ease of use, and (2) our ability to accelerate some processes that usually take more than a minute while not contributing to the User Experience/to the fun.
Using Stellar is aligned with these objectives and enables our success. For players, using a Stellar-based asset most of the time and using fiat only on rare occasions is beneficial : it reduces friction and deletes “ overhead time” implied by classic payments systems. It can also secure the ownership of in-game special items. Finally, using NFTs or NFT-like tokens will allow us to share the project more openly with our community, by transferring some of the control to our customers (cf. the Stellar integration section)

How will the tokens work in Kata.Games?

Abbreviations used throughout our system:
  • AQUA credits -> CR
  • AQUA tokens -> AQUA
  • Stellar lumens -> XLM
  • LUDO tokens -> LUDO
First of all, you have to know that on Kata.Games, the virtual currency that will be used in the indie games of the hypergame, will be the AQUA credit (CR). This credit is off-chain, that is to say that it is neither a coin, nor a token, it is not linked to any blockchain. On the other hand, it is indirectly linked to the Stellar Blockchain, because it is associated with the AQUA token, each credit will have the same value as an AQUA token. Credits are like a form of Stablecoin not stored on a blockchain.
As far as tokens/coins (on-chain) are concerned, here are their uses:
AQUA tokens (AQUA)
AQUA is a token that users will be able to hold, they just have to buy it via the Stellar platform. Then, to obtain credits, which will be the virtual currency used in the hypergame, the user will have to make a deposit from the Kata.Games platform. Instantly, the AQUA will be withdrawn from his wallet, and the same amount will be sent to users in credits. Withdrawals will work in the same way.
Stellar lumens (XLM)
The stellar lumens is the reference corner of the stellar blockchain. It will be used primarily for exchanges between Kata Games and developers and/or investors. This coin will be used for all purchases related to the platform outside of the games.
For example: to become a portal owner, a user/developer will have to buy it in Stellar lumens.
LUDO tokens (LUDO)
LUDO is a token that will be mainly reserved for investors, it will not be used in the platform. LUDO holders will be like semi-shareholders since they will be able to participate in certain decisions and obtain certain rewards (e.g credit in bonus).
The following table is a summary of the use of credits/tokens/coins:
Kata.Games Tokenomics
An ICO on LUDO tokens is planned for this year 2023, we will give more information about it on discord.

Which wallet to use?

To exchange AQUA tokens for AQUA Credits (RCs), users will need to use a Freighter web wallet, as the platform does not allow any other option at this time.
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