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KATA.GAMES is developing a universe (open world) for indie game players and developers.

A "Hypergame" for gamers

[Q] What does hypergame mean?

It's a new concept invented by the Kata Games project lead. It's basically a virtual world similar to the one you see in a video game, except that it offers the user an even higher level of freedom, and the opportunity to learn, not only play.

The hypergame is an open world where players meet after choosing their avatar. Each player can move from right to left, up and down, simply by using their mouse. This open world is at first sight limited in space, but it hides a lot, players will discover it quite quickly.

Kata Games has defined this world as a Hypergame, because in order to access the various indie games of the creators/developers, players must use the teleportation portals. Each portal is topped with a floating label that displays the title of the game you'll find inside. Once the portals are crossed, the player will be directly into the game.

Where does the extra-FUN come from?

We build a marketplace implemented through a web app. It matches players and game creators in a non-standard, FUN way… Kata.Games is not only a web app, it can be viewed as a “2d Metaverse”.

Every new game shared via our marketplace plugs in at the edge of the primitive/generic virtual world that we’ve been creating! What creates a link between the base system and User Generated Content are game entities called portals. As the name suggests a portal simply teleports the player to another world, whose rules were written by someone else (not by us the Kata Team). In other words, the system we’ve built is “expandable” and this can be done on-the-fly so to speak. At some point, this should create a feeling of vastness in the mind of the user that should be pretty awesome and even fun.

An all-in-one toolkit for developers

Kata.Games offers a very complete toolbox, creators/developers will be able to develop their games from A to Z. The integrated toolbox is based on the basics of python and it will allow creators/developers to produce, edit and distribute their games directly on the web platform.

In addition, to give everyone a chance to create a game, the integrated toolkit has been designed to allow both new and experienced developers to learn how to code easily and quickly.

In order not to lose anyone, we will create a guide, especially for developers. On the following link you will find everything you need to understand how to use Kata.Games.

What’s the set of games that can be created via Kata.Games?

The technology we use to describe game rules is a “Turing-complete” one. This means the only limits are (a) the imagination / dedication of our users and (b) performance considerations (=computation time and “frames per second”).

Examples of what can be produced thanks to KataSDK are shown via the attached screenshots. Very long-term plans for research and development include the use of 3d graphics! Kata.Games : Endless creativity Endless fun.

How does our solution compare to standard game distribution platforms?

Itch.io, Green Man Gaming, Steam… But also Roblox. There are many competitors but we’ve adopted principles that really differentiate us. Firstly, the number of manual downloads required to use Kata.Games will be zero no matter what! It’s the same principle as when you browse Youtube or Wikipedia. It’s a bold assumption to make but we believe that Web technologies have matured so much that it doesn’t make sense anymore to use “binaries”, at least not for casual games.

Our solution means the user connects to the website and interacts with a single, purposely designed GUI. We keep things as simple as possible. And it works. Secondly, we plan to create something that will be like a Haven for indie game devs, and we will let them shape their own experience and shape the toolbox at their disposal in the long run. This is something no other competitor is doing. Lastly, the type of UX we propose is unique. There’s probably some extra-fun attached to it

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