Kata.Games' Stellar integration

To make our platform work, blockchain technology is necessary. This will have a significant impact, because without it, Play2Earn and Creat2Earn would not be possible.

Kata.Games associated to Stellar

The Kata Games metaverse and the tokens will run on the Stellar Development Foundation blockchain. The stellar blockchain is best suited for our platform for many reasons.

Using Stellar allows us to:

  • Provide a unified digital identity for the user. Such an Identity can be used throughout many games, this is convenient. During registration, every new avatar gets associated with a pair: Stellar address, extra details… Once it’s done the Stellar address contributes to authenticating a user. We use the Freighter wallet at Sign in and Sign up time, and integration of Albedo will be added. ‍

  • Secure the ownership of virtual goods. If the user buys a very valuable item in a given game, we will store the ownership on the Blockchain via a NFT. An extra benefit is being able to use the SDEX for trading virtual goods minted by us. Also we’ve introduced special game entities called “portals”. Every portal is represented by a NFT-like token. Owning a portal implies that you can configure it to redirect to the game of your choice. In other words: you can own a part of our virtual world! ‍

  • Enhance the freemium model, speed up micro transactions. Transactions done via our system will be faster and more inclusive compared to competitors. Paying one’s premium status on Kata.Games will be done via cryptos. More specifically we want to operate like a crypto exchange: fiat deposits will be possible (withdrawals too, but later in our company development) but fiat money will not be used at all when users are active within the system, only cryptos will.

For more information on the Stellar integration, feel free to check out the following link, which is a detailed explanation of how Kata Games will use the Stellar blockchain.

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