KataGames GitBook: here you will find here all the information about the KataGames project. This document is updated quite often.

For several decades, the online video game industry has been booming, the share of gamers and creators has been increasing and it's not about to stop. Everything leads us to believe that the accessibility of games was made so that everyone can participate. But if we look at the way the industry works, we realize that the system is far from being equal.

Fortunately for everyone, the web is also constantly evolving, Web3 has entered our lives, and it is probably one of the next technological revolutions in our society. For KATA.GAMES, it is already a revolution, because thanks to it, the video game industry could be rethought to be more equitable for all.

Kata.Games is a metavers of independent games. Whether you are a player or a developer, everyone will have his place, the platform is free and entirely available on the web. Players can play different independent games that the community of users/developers will have created from the platform.

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