What we do

KATA.GAMES, a metaverse for indie games
Visual prototype of the Hypergame
Kata.Games is the name of a web platform for gamers and game creators to share independent games in a very convenient way. We use blockchain technology to provide a unique experience for independent gamers and game creators.
In the Kata Games Metaverse :
  • Players can walk around a virtual world and play different indie games created by the user/developer community
  • Developers/creators can create, edit and distribute their indie games, because of the integrated toolkit based on the basic python language.
The concept will be Play2Earn and Create2Earn.
Some games, depending on the creator's choice, will follow the Play2Earn concept, meaning that players could earn crypto-currencies by playing.
The Create2Earn concept is focused on creators/developers. Even if all the games on the platform will be Free2Play (available for free), they could add a paid feature directly on their games.
In addition, our platform was originally designed to solve persistent problems.

More precisely, what problems do we solve?

Kata.Games deletes 3 problems simultaneously:
1 - How can one create games and share them online efficiently?‍
We provide creators with a toolbox and the access (via KataSDK) to a brand new infrastructure. It allows anyone to create, host, share his/her independant game. The key benefit here is simplicity of use.
2 - How do players connect with game creators in a fast and convenient way?‍
We’ve built a proprietary technology capable of “streaming” and running any kind of 2d game in the browser, along with its dedicated hosting solution for games.
3 - How to make cryptocurrencies widely adopted widely?‍
We build a product that will attract and retain a large number of users due to its features and its innovative design. Using the Stellar network adds benefits: for players the diversity of games will be greater (because the barrier to entry is lowered for creators) and players will learn real world technologies/skills while using our system!

Video overview

Got 10 minutes? Check out a video overview of our product: